07/23/20 – Room of Fools

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, July 23, 2020.




Sigh. Poor Nogg. I sure do love the guy.


  1. Pete Rogan

    Ah, the time-honored runaround. A clerical error here, a missed punctuation mark there, and Nogg and crew can be kept routing through the Galaxy until the Drak-Sim comes back. Not bloody likely.


    Dear God, if Halip asks them to take Tesfay, Chiphu and Aitana back, WITH Ciara… I don’t think they’ll get halfway home before something dire and irreversible happens and Nogg feels compelled to put his oar in the water. With the usual spectacular consequences.

    Yeah, my decision to skip the popcorn still holds. I need BOURBON.

    1. Muzhik

      Yeah, my decision to skip the popcorn still holds. I need BOURBON.

      Don’t be silly! All you need to do is soak the popcorn in the bourbon. Voila! The grownup version of beerios!

        1. Muzhik

          No, I’m implying that beerios are for people who live in dorm rooms OR their parent’s basements and (under normal circumstances) tend to save up their laundry to do at home “when they come to visit”.

          Move out, live on your own, pay your own bills … that’s a sign that you’re ready to indulge in bourbon-soaked popcorn. (Or is it popcorn-infused bourbon? Somebody try it and tell us which is better.)

          1. Pete Rogan

            I’m no help here. I haven’t been in a dorm in about four decades. And I shudder to think of soaking decent popcorn in formerly-decent bourbon. This is a delight to kids who find every new combination worthwhile and a possible accelerant to a blurred evening. Not for me.

            I’m better off with a brandy and perhaps some Jordan almonds. Though later on I shall need to be careful which I chew vigorously. But this is an adult skill. I anticipate no problems.

  2. Meran


    I come here for Spacetrawler, but stay for the second entertainment offering of the Personalities Who Read Spacetrawler.

    Thank you, Chris, for the comic and your Peanut Gallery. It’s pretty darned near The Best.

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