07/22/20 – In Command Of The Universe

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, July 22, 2020.




Ah! MORE of the gang back together. 🙂

And it’s funny. Last week there was a big discussion in the comments about this very subject, and it took all my will to keep quiet, knowing you’d have a sort-of answer in this strip.


  1. Pete Rogan

    Okay, Dmitri’s presence is unexplained (though his makeout session in the corner is easily explained), but, Christ! Nogg, Krep and Gurf?? If anybody in the Galaxy should be hiding from Halip and the GOB, it’s them. (Devyat doesn’t count; she ‘brain-clamped’ herself on a public broadcast)

    What the HELL are they doing here?? And don’t say it doesn’t matter because Halip is going to brief them anyway and tell Nogg to stay out of it and he’s going to go into it anyway because that’s the Nogg Way. I KNOW that!

    At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Mauricio and Yuri waltz in, with God knows what preposterous idea to foist upon Halip and the Galaxy, and adding their own special brand of weirdness to the quest for the Puppy People.

    I don’t care. After tomorrow, I’m chucking the popcorn and going to the bar. It works for Dmitri, it ought to work for me. Judas Priest, what a fruit salad!

  2. “Oh right. Earth is still a backwater in its gender politics.”

    Not so much “Earth” as “The US of A”.

    Here are all the OTHER countries which have elected a female head-of-state at least once:


    There was even a US-borne woman who was elected leader of a DIFFERENT country once.

    Mind you, Aitana is from Spain, not USA. They’re getting a lot closer. Here’s who comes up if you google “First female head of state in Spain”. (She technically only stood-in for the Prime Minister once, but that was within her authority as the #2, back in 2004 (so you’d think Aitana would have been taught about her). She’s a pretty accomplished Lady nonetheless.)

    María Teresa Fernández de la Vega Sanz (born 15 June 1949) is a Spanish Socialist politician. She is the current President of the Spanish Council of State. From 18 April 2004 to 20 October 2010, she was the first deputy prime minister, minister of the Presidency and cabinet spokesperson in the government of Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero.[1] She is the first female deputy prime minister and president of the Council of State in Spanish history.

    1. @Hinoron, yes, I almost didn’t do that line because Spain is one of the most gender-diverse governments in Europe (and one of the most kindly to refugees). BUT, there has never been a female elected prime minister. The most powerful person has never been a woman (except as a brief fill-in).

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