08/12/20 – Feenky’s Help

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, August 12, 2020.




Goodness, how much I like a running gag.


  1. Meran

    [LAUGHING MY ASS OFF] Just a question.. why, again, is she still sporting burns sans hair? The medibots can do sex reassignment, flawlessly, but can’t fix burns?

    Ball lobbed back at the writer šŸ™‚

    1. Kaidah

      She probably hasn’t had time. She’s either been fighting or being set on fire or being put in a recovery coma or briefing the Apex Speaker and her replacement…it’s been a busy few days.

    2. Rikard

      Hypothesis: it’s at statement. “Yeah, see this right here? This is how little I care about fixing my own injuries. No think – fast and hard – about how little I’ll care about yours…” (Cue close-up of suspect’s rictus-like face where one drop of sweat slowly meanders down the temple, Sergio Leone-style, while the space-harmonica wails away in the background.)

  2. Pete Rogan

    Fire and destruction DO seem to follow Feenky’s old boss around, don’t they? And bombs. And lasers. And — new this season! — obstreperous robot lockboxes.

    I can fully understand Feenky’s professional interest in knowing what’s been burning Emily. He might not get warning of the one that comes for him. Say, apropos of nothing, who else noticed that Ruddock’s sneeze-triggered laser is pointing in Feenky’s general direction in the last panel?

    1. Gregg Eshelman

      Like Honor Harrington, who seemed to be so attractive to space military mayhem, with her almost always coming through alive (but not so often unscathed) she was called The Salamander. Aristotle and Plynius the Elder mention a legendary lizard that dwells in the fire: the heat of the fire is neutralized by the cold of the salamander’s body.

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