08/25/20 – Do Your Worst!

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, August 25, 2020.




The new house-sit is nice (well, it’s one we sat before we went to Roswell). I’m especially loving morning correspondence and journaling an script-writing on the back porch with my pre-coffee cup of tea. It’s the little things in life.



  1. Meran

    Remind me again why Stangor’s parents are in debtor’s prison? Is it because of Emily? Sorry. If it was supposed to stick in my FMS brain…. there’s just too much time between plot lines sometimes ….

    That’s not a complaint. It’s the nature of webcomics.

  2. Pete Rogan

    A very brave thing Emily has done. She has meted out balance, and hopes Stangor will perceive it as mercy and, perhaps, an acknowledgement of wrong done and then answered. Emily thinks she is being just.

    But justice, like valor, is mostly discretion. There’s the little matter of her parents losing their profit and then being jailed for it. The time spent in jail. The time spent tracking down Emily and trying to gun her down. If Stangor wants an alternative reason to blow Emily’s head off, she’s got plenty. They make not make sense to you, but they may make more than sense to Stangor.

    This is the ultimate quandary in crime and punishment: Did the punishment work? One thing we know for certain from centuries of dealing with crime and criminals is that they do not share our concept of justice and balance. Do them a wrong — like catching them after they’ve mugged or murdered somebody — and they remember that, not that what they were doing to get arrested is wrong. That’s how WE see it; criminals, typically, do not.

    I’ve got no reason to think Stangor is any sort of law-abiding person just wanting a wrong righted. I’m more concerned with how much time elapses before she comes after Emily again, for whatever personal reason. Is she cleverly going to bide her time, pretending to acknowledge the gift? Or, like the scorpion, despite whatever entreaties it makes, will she strike at first opportunity? Because that is the scorpion’s nature.

    Is Stangor civilized enough to not turn on Emily? My money’s on nature; whatever nurturing went into her doesn’t seem to have taken. It’s only a matter of time.

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