09/07/20 – Bathroom Weirdness

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, September 7, 2020.




Foreign customs always take some getting used to.


  1. Jude

    For any parents of toddlers who think they have it bad when their little one wails on the opposite side of a closed bathroom door, or worse, have their children follow them inside, they need to experience what Tesfay is going through. Pretty sure it would cause a burst bladder in me and/or a severe bout of constipation.

  2. Keith

    Intellectually I understand. Being the father who taught little boys about the pee pee tree so they would not worry about peeing their pants means…I don’t get the whole body fluid / privacy / aversion thing. Or I’m just a shameless weirdo.

  3. nightgaunt492015

    I don’t know what Tesfaye is going on about. Just relieve one’s self talking or not.

    Some people seem too modest to the point of hampering natural functions.

    Very human, unfortunately. It makes for a humorous moment in the story in the toilet.

    Reminds me of those males who equate cleaning their butt with homosexuality. Mentally ill that. Deep deprogramming is called for.

      1. Nomi

        1. I know people who are so modest they can’t use a public toilet unless they are the only person in the lavatory, and I know other people who … I can’t call it modest, I don’t know what it is, but basically they can’t use a toilet that is not in their own home or perhaps in homes of family members. So essentially they can’t travel, ever. So Tesfay’s aversion to talking facilities (or any talk at the toilet) is not incomprehensible.
        2. @nightgaunt492015, are there really “males who equate cleaning their butt with homosexuality”? I have learned something today, and I wish I hadn’t.

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