09/08/20 – Symbiont’s Plan

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, September 8, 2020.




Sometimes I think my socks could stand up straighter than I can, but that’s a different issue. 😉


  1. Pete Rogan

    I knew it. The symbiont has an AGENDA. And Tesfay isn’t forthcoming enough to be a part of it.

    At least it’s a relief that this thing doesn’t want to go to the ‘dark planet’ Earth. That tells me their idea of fun is a good deal more caustic and possibly murderous than what even we humans come up with.

    But there is one Earthling who doesn’t know about the symbiont who nonetheless is not likely to stay on Earth very long — at least, if approached right. Heaven help us all should they formally meet and get to know each other.

    Have you ever noticed that conversations in a lavatory never end the way you would want them to? I sense a kicker, maybe as early as tomorrow.

  2. nightgaunt492015

    I am a mildly poor functioning Schizotypal and might need the symbiont more.

    Not that it matters on that since it it is only fictional.

    Imagine Terra considered a dead end. I’d rather not.

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