09/09/20 – Zero Experience

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, September 9, 2020.




I kinda’ want him to adopt ME now.


  1. Coyoty

    “Tell us about your father, Aitana.”
    “He’s a homeless refugee girl from Tibet who got turned into a man by space robots.”
    “He’s not my real dad, though. My real parents were abducted by alien puppy people and brainwashed to be slave scientists.”
    “…Sir, as you can see, we asked to meet with you because we’re concerned about your daughter’s stories…”
    “So am I. It’s Bhutan, not Tibet.”

  2. Pete Rogan

    Aitana, without parents, and without hope of being able to locate them on her own, whilst simultaneously being told she’d be in danger for her life if she joins the search, turns to her first concern returning to Earth: Where does she live and who takes care of her?

    Pending anything like a better offer, Chiphu’s volunteering to serve as an untrained substitute father-figure is about as good as Aitana is going to get on this ride home.

    Doesn’t mean there won’t be other offers, or the deal couldn’t get rearranged by pending events greatly changing plans and circumstance for them both, but as it stands, this is an offer Aitana can’t afford to refuse.

    That may explain my curious sensation of dread, and my growing fear of impending doom. ‘Happily ever after’ is only found in fairy stories, as it should. Real life is too knobbly and has too many sharp edges to be withstood without wounding.

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