09/17/20 – Not Really That Bad

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, September 17, 2020.




In reading, I found that Shahi ta is popular in Eritrea. Wikipedia describes Shahi Tea as “made from black tea brewed with condensed or evaporated milk. Sugar, cardamom pods, and cloves are usually added to the tea.”


  1. Steven

    Shahi is Chai (note the similarity in pronunciation). Chai… means “tea”. Bureau of Redundancy Department. Chai is an amazing concoction really. I think it’s the cardamom that does it.

  2. Steven

    There’s a variety that I am drinking right this minute from a local Calgary tea merchant. He’s actually a friend and former colleague of mine who is originally from Wales and started the tea shop as a hobby. Some hobby! He has a neat blend called “Rocky Mountain Chai”. If you look it up you will find out more. He does ship. This is not an advertisement, just for information purposes.

  3. To be honest, he has to admit that his first encounter with aliens was on Earth rather than in space. Additionally, his life on Earth before that wasn’t all tea and biscuits, which is why he was a refugee sacked out in an alley during that first encounter.

  4. Pete Rogan

    It’s the simple pleasures of life we miss most when we’re being stressed out the ying-yang, as friends of mine remind me. On bad days it doesn’t matter if it’s Shahi or Red Rose; a cuppa and a soft chair by a window to look out of is all that’s really needed.

    And Tesfay is so far from that, and knows it. Lengthy sigh.

    1. Pete Rogan

      Nogg seems to have been born in a hurricane that turned into a tsunami that crashed into a volcano which then ejected him into a brine pit. Despite his physical lack of such, he seems to have a nose for trouble — hence his involvement in l’affaire Eebs and his subsequent attempt to stop a war in Dauthaar, which became a mission to save the universe from the Kreebrick. I don’t know if ‘chill’ is a word I’d use to describe him. He’s more a hyperschlemazel. You know — if a schmuck is somebody who spills hot soup on his fly, a schlemazel is somebody who not only has his fly open, but does it on national TV. Two steps beyond that, that’s Nogg.

      Oh, and Happy New Year to my Jewish friends. Shanah tovah to you all.

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