09/16/20 – Easy Target

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, September 16, 2020.



Hey, hey, HEY! I did it, I FINALLY

finished the backlog of coloring!

It was a whole month’s worth, so it took a lot

of time. But it’s done. They started June 1st

and went through July 2nd. Enjoy

(and apologies)! Best, Christopher



Ah Nogg. You deserve a big hug.


  1. Rikard

    Dr Nogg is in. Geddit? Nogg-in, yuk yuk yuk. As in shrink, yeah? And Nogg is pretty much a big noggin with extremities so he can do al lot of shirnking, hö hö hö.

    Right, out the airlock I go.

  2. Keith

    Excellent, I shall to try and use that to motivate my backlog (which has some items with start dates from when Reagan was in his first term, maybe) Eh, he may not be many things but what Nogg really is, is not smart, not even consciously observant or cunning. No, his real genius is he is unconsciously all of those but instead is a catalyst for others to think of them for themselves. Technically yeah, he’s barely smart enough to run the ship and likely shouldn’t be trusted to supervise a rock.

  3. Muzhik

    @Christopher, I’m working my way through the colored (NOT “coloured”, for the love of Noah Webster) panels, and I thought I’d share something: on the strip for 07/09/20 you wrote:

    I colored hundreds of bunnies. I am numb.

    When I read that though, my mind pulled a Pink Floyd and turned it into:

    I am become comfortably numb


  4. Pete Rogan

    I’m astonished how much more depth and feel are in the colored cartoons for June. I had thought their being black-and-white wouldn’t harm my enjoyment. It didn’t, but the color made me aware of so much more drama that was present that I had somehow missed. Something to contemplate.

    And I like the way Nogg complicates the ethical landscape even when he’s not a part of it, nor even aware of the issue. His simplistic advice has hit Tesfay right where he can least use it, and will compel him to stay with Aitana until one or the other of them is finished. Hm. Suggests to my mind there’s another conversation with the symbiont coming that neither of them will be prepared for or want. Oh, this should be fun. I think I’ll get another lemonade and settle in. This should be good.

  5. nightgaunt492015

    No, his real genius is he is unconsciously all of those but instead is a catalyst for others to think of them for themselves.

    That is what Lao Tzu [??] said in relation to a good commander. The crew thinks they did it all themselves. Good old Nogg.

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