10/29/20 – Symbiont’s Request

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, October 29, 2020.




Man-o-man, the ring desk is a complex set to draw, even with the 3D guides. But it’s SO worth it, it looks SOOOO good.

Have a great Halloween (safely from home!)!


    1. Keith

      I have may have some disagreement that the higher primates on urth are sapient…homo sapiens is clearly anything but sapient. Even if they are clever tool users. But seriously, what species keeps using fossil fuels once the get electricity and sort out wind and hydro power? Much less geothermal for GHU’S SAKE!

  1. Rikard

    I humbly ask for a scene where Tesfay tries to chat up women:

    Nice lady: -“Oh, what a nice poncho. Such a personal choice for a man like you!”

    Symbiont: “You ain’t seen the half of it, lady!”

    Tesfay: “”

  2. Pete Rogan

    I’m a fan of complexity in design, myself. The ring deck, like the USS Enterprise’s Engineering section, adds depth and perspective that is beguiling.

    The symbiont is going to be put through more violence and challenge than it knows, which is good, but it is going to take Tesfay with it through the worst of it, which could be bad.

    Tesfay is about yay short of having a full-blown PTSD disorder, hasn’t anybody noticed? He can be put over the edge with a whisper or the sound of a weapon drawn from its holster. And the idiot symbiont doesn’t seem to notice or care. Your funeral, throatscarf.

  3. nightgaunt492015

    The drawbacks of intelligent symbionts is that they can selectively ignore stimuli as humans can. Without a survival fear function it is more dangerous.

    The design work for the ship is just a joy to look at. i can see you doing design work for films or tv or plays, Christopher.

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