06/16/21 – Send A Grasper

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, June 16, 2021.




You know what they say, out of the frying pan, and into a very safe distant location.


  1. Jude

    I was convinced the conversation in the 3rd panel was said in loud panicky voces with their comm links open to throw off the Stribs before they did some mind-blowing manoeuvring . But nope, they just went straight to some manoeuvre that no one knows about.

  2. Efogoto

    I like that Diller is the only calm one in panel three. After a lifetime of lucky escapes, what’s one more? Whatever kills her, if anything ever does, will surprise the heck out of her.

    1. Keith

      Heh, you know. I can pretty much those exact words as part of an after action report. Not sure if it’d WWI (phase 1) WWI (phase 2) The Korea Police Action…or some other similar conflict.

  3. Efogoto

    I listened to the audio for this strip, and heard this for the fourth panel:

    The captain says, “Um. Where’d everybody go?” and Khaba says, “Don’t look at me. Diller did it.”

    I thought Khaba was the ranking member of the team with three stripes on her sleeve as seen here, but she only has one in the strip above. Since Diller is mute and Khaba responded, the captain must be Zakzar.

    1. walterw

      a “light league” is the distance traveled in the unit of time known as a “parsec” 😉

      anyway yeah, shouldn’t it have been something like “light minutes” or “light days” away?

      well clear of the battlezone but not like across the galaxy or anything

  4. Pete Rogan

    So now we’re with Zakzar and crew, plus Tesfay, an unknown but presumably lengthy (timewise) distance from where Spacetrawler was left, immobilized.

    Without knowing the type or even size of the disaster the Stribs were preparing for the GOB, it’s not possible to prepare for whatever is left at the original location. Secondary trap? Scavengers? The single maddened survivor and his/her ship? I doubt the last, really; the Stribs need time to make their getaway and obscure their trail, and that will take time, distance and no sensors looking their way.

    But until they get back to the location they were Dillered from, our attention is going to be elsewhere. Hm. Back to pondering.

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