06/18/21 – The Stribs Make Their Move

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, June 18, 2021.




When people use war tactics when there isn’t a war going on, it’s kind of in poor taste, I think.


  1. Muzhik

    They wouldn’t blow up Spacetrawler. With the messages the GOB were sending back, now an even larger force will be sent out to destroy Spacetrawler. There will be no warnings or offers to let them surrender; they’ll be shot on sight.

  2. Pete Rogan

    Strib savagery shows its depth and its limitations.

    Plainly they were equipped even before they detected Feenky’s fleet to wipe them all out with a surreptitious planting of bombs. No telling what other evils they have prepared to wield without a shred of conscience, but plainly they find the exercise of excessive force suitable for nearly all situations.

    It’s bad enough to use war tactics when they aren’t at war. But using them at first instance at any delay isn’t rude, it’s depraved. And it’s going to cost them. Big-time.

    Because they made a critical mistake: They eliminated Feenky because they thought they were through with him. Nothing more the GOB can do with their law-enforcement arm disposed of, so carry on, mates! Without considering that his stupidity had further dividends to harvest. That’s not just savage, it’s stupid. Because the GOB now knows what happened. I don’t think Dmitri is going to believe Ciara is that stupid, and when the news comes to Emily….

    Pity I have to wait to Monday to see what happens when the smoke clears. I think my next lemonade is going to be extra-tart, because I can foresee some serious puckering in the near future. Oh yeah.

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