06/23/21 – Planet Collision

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, June 23, 2021.




Objects in the rear-view mirror may be smaller than they appear.


  1. Coyoty

    The discoverers decided to call it a planet and name it as a joke on anyone who would come across it and think they can’t see it because it’s very far away and coming very fast, like Sir Lancelot running toward Swamp Castle.

  2. Owen Smith

    It’s spherical, which shows either a) extreme fluke, b) it’s artificial, c) it’s extremely dense so has enough mass to become spherical naturally by gravity.

  3. Pete Rogan

    Seems to be a free planet, unbounded by any star, cold as absolute zero and utterly alone in the universe. Except that it seems to have already been mapped and named, if not properly defined as to size in the database.

    Oddly enough, my role-playing group, the Thursday Night Traveller and General Weirdness Society, has as its logo a ship crashed into an asteroid not that much bigger than it. Out of the collision is a word balloon: “damn!” It’s deliberately ambiguous whether that word comes from the ship or the asteroid.

    I have to wonder what Boukinar is thinking about the collision right now.

  4. Font Lady

    My mind just went off on a tangent picturing a whole series of tiny objects such as Boukinar. The first would be named A planet. The next would be Be Planet followed by See? Planet.

    Ok, I’ll go sit back down in the corner again.

  5. DSL

    Perhaps the GOBAU has a different classification system than does the IAU here on Earth.
    In either event, I highly doubt Boukinar or Pluto care, or even know, whether they’re classed as planet, or that they’re called (by others) Boukinar or Pluto.

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