06/21/21 – Issued Warning

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, June 21, 2021.




It’s ALWAYS a good time for dinner. 🙂


  1. Pete Rogan

    The Stribs grow more despicable with each showing. Now they’re angry they were tracked down for their crimes? At least they aren’t crowing and clapping each other on the back for their cleverness. Which some might take for hubris, but the fact that they’re NOT doing that tells me they’re prepared for more pursuit. This makes me cautious.

    Obviously the Stribs expect the revenge GOB fleet to be just as bloodthirsty as they are, destroying Spacetrawler on first detection. It’s a primal mistake to think the enemy is as stupid as you are. But it does raise the question of what to do until they show up. If the communications can be fixed, that would be helpful. But whether they can be fixed depends on what was fried and what spare parts are available. The Stribs tend to think in terms of one strike and you’re out, so I don’t know that they blitzed the spares when they fried comm and the engines. Come to think of it, what DID they do to the engines? The fact that the controls were unresponsive as they talked may mean it’s the controls that were fried, not the darkspeed drive itself.

    And if the Stribs can remotely disable a darkspeed drive… I imagine this is something the GOB would want to get to the bottom of kind of real fast. That’s not a weapon technology they want going around. Oh no.

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