11/17/21 – Three Await

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, November 17, 2021.




I could go for some beans right now.


      1. Jude

        Seems it’s not just Ruddock that’s forgotten the details. Now I’m trying to remember who IS on the ship too.

        “C’mon brain, please cooperate and think!” (Hard to think properly when my few remaining neurons aren’t on speaking terms with each other.)

  1. Rikard

    That seems to be the most efficient, polite and functional robot seen in any Spacetrawler-comic to date.

    Wouldn’t beans give a canine horrible gas? My dogs get offal, bones, gristle and the occasional carrot, egg, and left-over rice, never any gas.

    The one time they got hold of surströmming however…. oh dear.

    If you donät know what that is, and would like to try, visit “surstromming.com”. It’s in english and the prices are in US dollars, so anyone willing to spend in the region of $50-$100, feel free to try. Opt for the de-boned fillets.

      1. Jude

        What’s funny is I quite liked the smell of durian (after hearing how much it stinks) so I thought I’d buy one to try. Unfortunately, all durian sold here has been frozen to ship such a distance. Friends from Fiji and from Indonesia told me afterward that it’s not anything like fresh. They quite dislike frozen.

        Since I didn’t like the flavour in the least but my cat was interested, I gave him some. Gobbled it right down! Put the rest in the fridge and decided he can have more over the next few days. But oh lord! when he pooped the next day and the smell!!?? Threw out the rest.

        Lesson for all: don’t feed your cat or dog durian.

    1. Paul

      > That seems to be the most efficient, polite and functional robot seen in any Spacetrawler-comic to date.

      Probably because the Strib immediately vaporize any robot that isn’t efficient, polite and functional.

  2. Pete Rogan


    Innocent Destroyer of Evil, meet the Humorless But Cute Murderous Fiends!

    No refreshments will be served during the parley, or even after the unscheduled firefight to follow.

    EEEEEE-HAAAAA! Let the unequal negotiations begin!

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