01/21/22 – Boop!

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, January 21, 2022.




All actions ned sound effects really, and soundtracks.


    1. The Saprophyte

      “Great” is reserved for creator gods and their faithful saints. She shall be be known as The Big Boober, and they shall compose a song about the big-eyed girl with the ponytail hanging down….

  1. Efogoto

    In the last panel, “Saving a prisoners” should either drop the ‘a’ or the last ‘s’.

    I think I would have gone with “shick” for the sound effect, but Aitana really is a “boop” sort of person.

    1. someone

      “KTHUUNK” is the sound effect for plunging the injectromatic in the injection valve; but “BOOP” is the sound effect for pushing the injectron’s thumb button to deliver one dose of anti-alien-brain-gooper vaccine.

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