01/24/22 – Imagined Reuinion

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, January 24, 2022.




The warm embrace of the whump whump.


  1. pitgamer

    I wondering how the return of the Strib ship will be resolved… these guys have already shown themselves more than willing to kill one of their own on the outside chance that they have turned traitorous… what will they do with one of 200+ ships shows up with most of the crew killed by a coyote and the remaining officers locked up on the bridge? ZAP!

    1. rws

      The cargo should be okay, so long as they don’t find out that the ship was repeatedly invaded.

      The crew – yeah. No tears. Doubt if they will listen to any of the current crew’s warning either.

      Be nice if they could suborn all of the ships remotely.

      1. pitgamer

        They have 200+ other ships with human slaves. I can see them just blowing up the ship with the humans they have to care even less about than the three Strib officers when it enters the system – they can always get more, and build another ship.

  2. Pete Rogan

    Oh, all sorts of complications ARE possible and WILL occur, plus more we haven’t the faintest inkling of, which is the charm here.

    If you pick up your eyes a bit, you’ll see that the problem of what’s waiting at Planet Lovingkindness is only the first of a series that has to culminate (one hopes!) in defeating the Strib plan to use humans to raise their offspring — and to protect Earth from any such future harvesting. Not going to be easy, now that the Sol system has been shown to have TWO Galactic strategic reserves hidden in its dark planets: Darkhuenium and slaves.

    In honor of the occasion I’m switching to lemon juice, no sugar. That way I won’t be able to tell when the serious puckering begins. Cheers!

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