02/04/22 – Prophet or Savior

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, February 4, 2022.




Sometimes you have to be more than a friend, you have to be a HERO!


  1. Coyoty

    “You won’t crucify me now, I hope.”
    “Crucify you? That would be silly!”
    “We’re going to snap your neck in a mouse trap.”
    “There’s no way I’m going near that!”
    “We’ll put cheese in it first.”
    “Well, all right, then…”
    “We’ll call you Cheeses Christ!”

  2. Libby

    I love the third panel where the robot mice think they’re being sneaky but the Stribs totally see them. I WFH and I will see the mice running across my kitchen floor. (Winter in Iowa always causes unwanted roommates) Sometimes I find myself yelling, “I CAN SEE YOU! AREN’T YOU SUPPOSED TO BE STEALTHY?!?” Side note: the dogs who are supposed to be great mouse hunters are no help.

    1. Meran

      There are rat fur lures for trying dogs that hunt/track in tunnels. Buy one then play fetch with your dogs, or tug. (They may be sprayed with scent.)

      It might just awaken the hunter-defender in them. Even my Poms are interested!

  3. Pete Rogan

    I knew it. Religious acts and personalities are impossible to keep away when one created species meets another. All acts are only sensible through the prism of Divine Purpose and the Creator’s Will… no matter who denies it. Including the being now saddled with a religious role.

    Leb now has no choice but to don the mantle of ‘Savior’ and deliver the Strib-ship robot mice from their fate. This is an apocalyptic role, with no escape: He (pronoun of convenience, since all robot mice were apparently created genderless) must either succeed or perish with everyone else. That sets up a really interesting zero-sum game: Either Leb frees the Strib-ship mice from Ruddock or he goes down Ruddock’s gullet. There may be a way to preserve both of them, but not in the same space. I don’t know if Leb is capable of thinking that large, or that far ahead. But if he’s lucky, the Strib-ship mice will have lots of ideas he can use to check out what’s possible.

    Just had a vision of Leb talking with a burning bush that is actually a couple dozen Strib-ship robot mice on fire. Yup, time to take a break and visit Doctor Jim Beam for the rest of the evening. I’ve had enough for today. Ohh-hh-hh, Doctor!!

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