08/05/22 – Strib Apologies

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, August 5, 2022.






  1. Coyoty

    “You go, girls.”

    1. someone

      There are exceedingly few humans in GOB, and all those that are in have been the protagonists of a previous arc. There are plenty of alien people throughout the series, just reread from the beginning.

      1. rws

        With the help of galactic technology – Eeb – kangaroos and coyotes pass as sapient. Clearly the “translation” tech also increases their brain power a lot. No experience with either kangaroos or coyotes, but dogs and many animals are clearly sentient, a lower bar than sapient. The chip seems to bridge the gap.

    1. @lose is correct. It’s also because it’s a comedy, first we had a omnipotent race who came to get their toys back, then we had an annoyed race who came to give them their old people back, and so it seemed funny to add a race who had fallen under there a spell, and we got to see in action how one quickly falls out of their spell. there are definitely bits I write that are for the gag as much as for the plot.

  2. Sorry but what was the whole point of that sequence?

    New Magic race appears, “oh we will help the bad guys for bizarre logic”.
    they appear for 2 strips.
    They get pissed off and leave.

    >>??? how did that advance the story.

    1. Jose

      Possibly to show that the Stribs are not just obnoxious jerks, but also so unaware of their own jerkishness that they manage to shoot themselves on the foot when they could have had a bunch of gullible idiots helping them in a bad situation.

      They are so thoroughly self-absorbed and egocentric (in addition to their other “charming” qualities) that they end up throwing away possible (and very needed) allies.

      Hoisted by their own petard, as it were.

    1. p0indexterous

      Who doesn’t enjoy reliving past shenanigans exploits.
      Jowly McStrib just got a bit too caught up in in the joy of the moment.
      As any dog-like species is wont to do. I’ll bet his tail is wagging like a metronome set at presto.

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