08/31/22 – Called In

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, August 31, 2022.




They are such sleeper agents, it’s amazing they’re not actually asleep.


    1. someone

      Same question for Hoofhand guy here.

      Actually it seems the cards are holographical? Wormy and Hoofy’s cards disappear between the first two panels, and same for the cards on the table. I guess Hairy’s cheating because his cards don’t disappear in panel 2, so they weren’t generated by the same card game app that interrupts the projection when a message is received.


        It would still need some kind of interface so that the holographic projector ‘knows’ which card is played.
        I suggest that ‘it’s’ body is covered with tiny yet very motile prehensible hairs.

        As for the hoofs, their presence does not preclude a possible tiny appendage, perhaps even retractable for protection, behind them. Like a cat’s claw for instance.

  1. Rikard

    I’m reading it as setting up things for a take-over is how the current leadership of the G.O.B. gets out of office without liability for anything they did while in office.

  2. Scorpinac

    You know, guys, just because the main fleet is here, doesn’t mean the G.O.B. is totally defenseless. They probably have two or three backup fleets for just such a situation. Contingencies exit for a reason.

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