05/12/23 – Remembering Nothing

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, May 12, 2023.




This is me when people say “hi” on the street when I don’t remember them. I reply with, “if I decided to adopt someone, you’ll be first on my list.”


  1. Katie

    Seriously, her parents are… ok, I can’t call them “the worst” when we have a genuine example of what “the worst parents in the galaxy” might look like in this storyline, but…. goddamn. I don’t care if you don’t remember her, have a single solitary ounce of compassion here.

    1. tlhonmey

      Yeah, the lack of any compassion doesn’t fit with what the Stribs were looking for in parents does it? Maybe they do remember her and just don’t want her back because she was a headache?

      1. Fnordius

        I remember that, but also Aitana asked for their memories of her to be erased because she thought she would never see them again. So their memories have more or less been burned out twice.

          1. Fnordius

            I recall something about Aitana stating that she didn’t want them to remember her because it would be painful for them. Something like that. It seems I am misremembering.

            Human brains are simply confusing at the best of times. Mine included.

  2. Mic

    You’re in freaking space, having been abducted by aliens and saved by another group of aliens. I honestly find it hard to believe that they’re assuming she’s lying over “aliens messed with my mind”.

    1. Jose

      My head canon is that when the Stribs messed up with their memories they also made it so that the “messing up” is permanent, and that they would make it so that the first reaction to hearing that Aitana is her daughter triggers an automatic response of “that is a lie”.

  3. Sid Mathai

    DNA sequencing? Even if their memory can’t be given back, at least the truth of her being their child would be in evidence. After that they’d either have to realize they lost all their memory of her, never to be retrieved, but make the best of it and build life as a family anew… or be “extremely rude” and go the way of denying her existence in one way or another (eg: conspiracy – aliens took their DNA and fast-cloned a smart kid to destroy their lives, or just be the way they are in this strip: self-centered).

  4. Pete Rogan


    I see now.

    But since it’s the next logical step, I’ll not step on Christopher’s toes again. He probably has a different take than mine in mind anyway, and I’d like to see it.

    But for now, I’m off to have a warmer-than-usual weekend, with a hearty lemonade with a whole lemon quartered and squeezed into it. Yellow like the sun, and just as mellow, too. Cheers to everyone until Monday.

  5. nightgaunt

    We are in the “tearjerker trope” right now.

    The Stribs really are sophisticated to be able to do that.

    They may have just depressed and hidden the memories away.


    She remains the biological daughter of Mr. Zorilla, and therefore half sister to Mauricio; so there is some family — even if they probably don’t know about Aitana either.

  7. Jeremy

    Wow, for a comic from which we regularly see conflicts large and small, in some ways this is one of the darker things I’ve seen here…poor Aitana indeed.

  8. russell

    One assumes that some of their associates (did not want to use term “friends”) might have met the girl. Government records. Bank records. School records.

    The Stribs are not godlike, and would not have gone to much trouble.

    They will shake all evidence off as unimportant.

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