05/15/23 – Wrong and Mistaken

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, May 15, 2023.




We all need someone like Choan to laugh at us and let us down easy when we’re wrong. 🙂


  1. Coyoty

    That might be a clue on how to treat them. If they’re acting like Stribs now, it indicates they were conditioned with Strib engrams. If Choan can remove the Strib patterns, it might free the original memories.

  2. If they DO convince Aitana to go away, they are in for a VERY unpleasant surprise when they return to their home and discover her room and their family photos and their friends all ask where their daughter is

    1. Shen Hibiki

      The way they’re acting? They’ll rationalize it with something like “the scientifically-advanced aliens having edited their house and tricked their friends”, ’cause since THEY don’t remember it, it simply can’t be true. Anything else must be wrong.

  3. Nova

    My takeaway from all this is that the fact they adopted Aitana years ago really softened them up and helped them feel a bit more grounded. But this is what they were like -before- they did so.

    1. Nova

      (I mean, remember, their first inkling when they woke up on a spaceship in the middle of a battle was to get mad at Nog for the violence and try to protest. They seem a bit detached to begin with…)

    1. Efogoto

      In the first strip mentioning the Synapse Scorcher the Stribs said that the “shortest distance between two points is a scorched obliterated line”, but in the very next strip they accepted the possibility that human neural networks could repair themselves. So either those memories are obliterated or they can be recovered. Well done Christopher!

  4. Pete Rogan

    Wow. The Serranos’s synapses must really be Galactically scorched. Even suggesting they used to remember Aitana brings a hostile response. That’s unfortunate.

    We’re still left with the question of how the precise memories were identified to be scorched, and the possibility that that process can be reversed to at least provide a map to what is gone. Sort of like a treasure map that leads you not to ‘X’ marks the spot but a smoking crater in the ground. Still better than what they have at present.

    So what’s Choan’s next step? Time to exceed the boundaries of logic and grope cold into the void, I think. Patently the Serranos’s have nothing more to lose.

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