07/17/23 – Poetry and Lost Friends

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, July 17, 2023.




I don’t know why I find putting 70s style chaise lounges in Spacetrawler to be so funny, but I do. I’d thought I’d done it three times before, but I was wrong in two of the places and only found one instance:


There may be more. hard to recall everything.


    1. @Dranorter. I actually did a little bit of research before posting that. “Sunlounger” seems a possibly more accurate term? But if you look at that kind of deck chair in most US retailers, they do seem to refer to them as chaise lounges (which is also the term I knew from when I was a kid). but according to the dictionary definition of chaise lounge, it’s not really the correct word.

      So, in answer: I have no idea. 🙂

    2. Efogoto

      @Dranorter If you search for “lawn chaise lounge” or “sunlounger” on your favorite internet retail site, you’ll see a variety of the vinyl-strap types Christopher draws and the wide-woven-strap variety my parents favored.

      You are correct that a chaise lounge (or chaise longue if you’re French, a nitpicker, or pretentious) can be an ornate stuffed piece of indoor furniture, but then again a chair could be a deck chair or a La-Z-Boy.

      1. Meran

        Hmm. I’ve always thought correct language use a plus. It’s NOT to elevate myself above others, but just to be clear, understood. So consider me uppity if you must.

        I also am not in the habit of using the slang word “ain’t”. Nor do I use verbs as nouns, or nouns as verbs. (“Ask” for example, when a perfectly word already exists. As in “request”.) I certainly don’t want a person to think I’m talking down to them. Or to treating them as third graders. (Reporters are told to use words of no more than 3 syllables, so more folks can understand what they’re reporting.)

        Language is how we communicate. “Dumbing it down” only keeps people stupid, leads to misunderstanding. Many examples exist of this de-evolution of our species.

        Sorry for the rant. OR “discussion”, if you prefer.

        Personally, I’m hoping that this change of the lexicon is temporary. I am aware, sadly, of the current trend of less reading (of books) in the population.

        I’m still holding out hope. But the movie “Idiocracy” is still probably a projection of our future.

  1. Pete Rogan

    ‘Tesfay will always have skin in the game.’

    Thanks, Sean K, for making my skin crawl hard enough for to try and scrub it off in the tub. Eeeuuuugh! EEEEUUUUGHHHHH!!!!

    Who’s got the Galactic patent on sunloungers/’chaises longues.’? I can imagine there’s a large market for such, depending on a species’s tendency to indolence. Where’d the parasite gets his from, anyway? Sears Roebuck?

  2. Demarquis

    Hmm. I wonder if they can clone Tesfay. It would be interesting, in a way, if there were a planet somewhere that was host to a flesh-grown symbionic avatar of everyone they had met.

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