10/04/23 – Public Terminal

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, October 4, 2023.




Choan originally shared her past here: https://www.baldwinpage.com/spacetrawler/2010/09/05/spacetrawler-73/


  1. AndyW

    So their society fell apart because they couldn’t manage a properly organised line of succession? Huh. I guess Choan really isn’t representative of her species… She has a working brain 🙂

  2. Pete Rogan

    Oh. Dear.

    I’d say it’s a safe bet to say liquid nitrogen is warmer than Choan’s blood. Her murders for love extirpated her people. She doesn’t seem in the least bit sorry nor particularly affected by this.

    Two thoughts: The Bupillions, if they knew where Choan came from, knew of this crime and its aftermath. What started out looking like a guided tour of self-improvement now looks more like a trap. But for what? Choan doesn’t appear to have so much as a soul to punish. Her flesh is indifferent to her crime; wipe it out, you cannot erase her cosmic nonchalance. So why do they want her? One last set of coordinates and it’s to them. Big questions await some pretty devastating answers.

    The other thought…. Disease killed MOST of the people? I can’t imagine the pitiful survivors will be happy to see Choan back. And if they’re like her, the welcoming committee will be little short of an antimatter explosion.

    Friday’s gonna be interesting.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to exit again for a bit. Think I just swallowed my limeade straw.

  3. russell

    Can’t be just this one city. Town. A proper breeding population needs to be fairly large.

    Plus, it sounds like her comic nonchalance might be a racial trait. If so, maybe their extinction was unavoidable.

  4. Rob C.

    Oof, that took dark turn. Self-Contained society, she only survivor (or at least one of the last). That shows unstable the race was. All self contained in one Enclave, isn’t great idea.

    Hopefully, there more her people unless she doesn’t care.

  5. Efogoto

    I’m going to agree with Choan that she doesn’t get all the credit … the man who was in love with the princess and also the “offender” has agency and gets the “credit” for his actions. Sure, it was in response to what was done to Choan but he made his own decisions. Had he decided to organize a mass-mooning of the palace instead, there might still be a populace in place.

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