10/20/23 – Reflection

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, October 20, 2023.




Ethics can be such a slowpoke!

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    1. Paul

      My uncle pointed out a serious safety flaw in an aircraft design. After he was ignored, a lot, he took it public and got not-quite-fired. (They transferred him far away and told him to commute an unreasonable distance)

      The flaw got fixed after all that, though.

  1. Hexrowe

    1) Alien plumbing is weird, and cannot have been easy to draw, especially in the mirror. 2) That wall lamp is cool. 3) Call me paranoid but I half suspect this room is not, in fact, private and possibly not even a bathroom. 😀

  2. Derp

    Considering the amount of slavery, genocide, mind control, and all-around bad stuff we’ve seen in this comic so far, it seems harsh to dump on Choan here just for lacking empathy. I get that the idea is getting her to use her intellect to save her civilization (and others), but “it’s your fault for not feeling bad enough about it to fix our problems for us” is a weird path to get there.

    Also? The implication that the societal collapse is all her fault. Gavrilo Princip didn’t cause WW1, he just started it. Choan’s crime was murdering her rival, be that a princess or a peasant. If society collapses as a result that’s an excuse, not a reason, and it’s not on her head.

  3. Pete Rogan

    So Ruddock has performed a minor miracle even out of the picture: He’s made Choan wonder if she might really be a jerk.

    But even miracles have limits. Choan quickly gets on to how her quest for money and tech pushes ethics. Makes me wonder if there are five people standing there waiting to be run over, because Choan is definitely on the wrong track.

    Choan simply is biologically incapable of perceiving empathy or sympathy as a personal emotion. It was surgically extracted from her, and she has only the vaguest rudimentary understanding of what the words might even mean, and knows nothing of how they would affect her emotions and her conduct. She mistakes ethics for conscience because that’s as close as her understanding permits her to get.

    This would be sad enough, but then she gets alarming. She asks herself why she is not also feeling sad about her people dwindling away. Are these not her people? And suddenly there it is: A question for which Choan does not have an answer.

    And what has been Choan’s preferred response to questions she doesn’t know the answer to?

    I leave it there. I can’t bear to think on. I’m to the liquor store, and this time I’ll bring some extra empty boxes. I’m going to need them for Monday.

  4. Erhannis

    There’s a idea floating around that if/when we get to the point where death and disease and impending global destruction aren’t a problem anymore, we should take like 10,000 years to chill and think really hard about the kind of people we ought to be, and what actions are right and wrong.

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