10/23/23 – Creepy or Oblivious

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, October 23, 2023.


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Yes, Choan, that’s a wee bit creepy.


  1. Mindsword

    With a population that small, you’d also want to capture all the living, get their genetic data and put all of them in stasis until you’re ready to begin. Use that time to research the plague, determine transmission, then cure the survivors one at a time while removing them from stasis. The ones that can still breed should do so, but the non-fertile ones should then teach the culture to the newly born children so the civilization lives as well.

  2. Pete Rogan

    At least Choan hasn’t considered the possibility of using radiation or chemicals to induce the needed mutations, the majority of them detrimental or lethal, to provide the genetic diversity required to keep natural selection from simply eliminating the race through a change of environment none of them are genetically equipped to survive.

    But I’m sure it’ll come to her later. Along with her desire to experiment with the genome to see what else could come out of it. Say, a race of pure Choans. Wouldn’t that be an improvement?

    Now I go lie down. The bourbon isn’t helping.

  3. Tel

    Is it bad that upon reading the 2nd panel my mind immediately ended up in the same place as Choan in the 3rd panel? It’s not creepy, it’s just sound reasoning, right? Right?

    The other obvious source would be whatever tissue samples are stored in whatever’s left of the planet’s laboratories. There would probably still be some, eg, egg/sperm samples gathering crud in the back of some lab freezer somewhere.

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