11/06/23 – Repercussions

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, November 06, 2023.



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Choan isn’t one to think many things are irreversible.


  1. Jude

    Yes, Choan exhuming the dead to harvest their DNA to revive and continue your species is great. But most of those individuals still had to die before they naturally would’ve. Can you remedy that?

    Can they be revived the way they were? Can you revive them with their memories intact? With their relationships and possible bonds to each other they had?

    In other words, can you undo all the damage and leave them the way they were before you came along? No? I thought not.

  2. Pete Rogan

    ‘Creepy’? Bupillion #1 has Choan’s blueprint for forced racial survival explained to him and all he can call it is ‘creepy’? I’d say Choan’s not the only one with a limited emotional repertoire. Choan’s excuse is that she was surgically degraded this way. What’s the Bupillion’s excuse?

    Jude above raises the unexamined question of biologic sustainability of the cloned dead. Are their genomes undamaged? Are they free of the plague that killed them? Do we know where the plague organism may be hiding in the dead DNA? Can we remove it before cloning? After? What are the costs to the viability of the deplagued clone? Anybody? Anybody??

    Mind, now, the cloned dead won’t have the memories, experience, skills or even the motor skills of their ‘parent.’ Who’s going to raise them, anyway? There don’t seem to be enough living Choanlike adults to handle a population explosion. Or does Choan picture getting a colony of Stribs to do the job for them? Kind of warps them from the get-go, though, wouldn’t you say? And given what Choan knows humans are capable of, I’m sure she’s considered the trade-off for childrearing and said ‘Naaaah.’

    All sorts of problems Choan has created for her race. I wonder if she’s considered that these are problems she could solve, with a little education on the emotional makeup they have (or are supposed to grow into) that she doesn’t have? Or, repeating an earlier idea, might she find this a golden opportunity to make more Choans to guide, steer, dominate and humiliate her ur-descendants?

    Or is she simply done with this project and wants to move on to other things? Choan seems to have a talent for that. What’s the term, if it exists, for amoral flightiness? It’s her stock in trade.

    1. tlhonmey

      She did say she left a commlink open so she could keep an eye on things and make adjustments… So… I’d say she’s planning to solve all those problems as they come up…

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