11/03/23 – Parting Gifts

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, November 03, 2023.



The Kickstarter for Spacetrawler BIG Book THREE is LIVE!



Yeah, the Bupillions seem to MEAN well, but I can’t say they picked the right method that works on Choan. If there is ANY method that would work on Choan.


    1. Fnordius

      My guess is that the Bupillions have already figured for that.

      Or maybe not, as we find out about them specifically because they had to chase down the Stribs to recover stolen tech. Maybe their interest in Choan is due to their own having shared tech bite them in the ass once too often?

  1. Harrow

    I think Choan’s principal characteristic is generosity. Every time we encounter her, she is using her talents and connections to save someone, help someone, or give someone something. Yes, she often takes a planet or two in trade, but if there’s no profit to be made, she saves, helps, or gives anyway.

    I believe Choan’s species was already failing before she was born. I think her parents realized this and decided to try to create a super-scientist who might find a way to save them. Science is amoral; they suppressed her moral sense. Science is curious; they made her so curious that she can’t stop herself from stealing everybody’s proprietary tech. Science is objective; she has never expressed a strong opinion about anything.

    Would it have worked? Probably. Choan visited her home world for only seven minutes and in that time implemented a stopgap that will give her people probably another century or two to work out a solution. Imagine what she could do in seventy years. The great tragedy of Choan’s species is not that a regicide toppled their government. The great tragedy is that they banished their only hope for salvation in a fit of grief over a forgivable crime.

    Of course this is all speculation but it fits the facts of Christoper’s narrative.

  2. Pete Rogan

    I’m delighted.

    Choan, the technocrat, gets a technocrat’s comeuppance. Her magic potholer is taken from her. Better yet, she’s given a virus to warn her against her constant cackling. One her skills are not proof to remove. All intended to make her a better person, but almost calculated to show her that a technocrat can be technocrattrapped. Most excellent.

    It makes up for the Bupillions’s failed attempt to better Choan through self-reflection. Ruddock did a better job biting her leg. I don’t think the Bupillions understand Choan’s biologic limitations, and they hope for better from her than she is actually physically capable of manifesting. A puzzling lack of insight, but then, as I’ve noted before, they were also hornswoggled by the Stribs, so this appears to be a fault of sympathy, detecting such where it doesn’t exist. A failing, I note, that Choan is constitutionally unable to capitalize on. A clear case of unperpetrateable mopery.

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