Allow me to now present: “YONTENGU”! A sci-fi adventure comic running Tue & Thur (alternating with “One Way” which runs M-W-F). Drawn by the amazing Don Ahé and written by me, Christopher Baldwin. For the first installment, we are posting the chapter frontispiece, and the first two pages. To get you going. Enjoy!


We’re still working at page layout. Will probably be puttering at it all week. Finger’s crossed!

10/14/14 Prologue 01

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  1. It’s a good sign creatively that the animals are shown with a similar body type as the intelligents.

  2. So the story is named after the antagonist? Or at least something perceived as dangerous.

  3. I’m amused the Yontengu is depicted as an Easter Island Moai version of Bart Simpson’s head.

  4. Anyone who read today’s page before now, 9:30am EST, my apologies. I accidentally had pasted page 1 & 3 rather than 1 & 2. Fixed now (as I turn red from a how-could-I-have-done-that embarrassment)

  5. So excited to see this launch!!!

  6. Hi! Don’t know if you’re planning on coloring it, but frankly, I like the B&W line art for this story! Unless you need the color to identify characters, my vote is to keep it as is.

  7. It will be in b&w, @Muzhik. Glad you like it! 🙂

  8. I’m intrigued. Hoping for something original and that it doesn’t come too close with a “Last Airbender” type storyline – cause I’m definitely getting an “Airbender” feeling here. Then again, it’s only the first strip so I could be completely mistaken.

  9. @BoldODonahue, I haven’t read or seen The Last Airbender, so I can’t speak assuredly, but in looking at the plot synopsis on Wikipedia, I’d say it doesn’t appear to be. 🙂

  10. New comic every day now! What’s not to like?

  11. Finally! I’m really excited about this collaboration of yours and this splendid start does not disappoint!

  12. I watched all the Air Bender tv series and this doesn’t give me such a vibe. It is its own self. Would be interested animated as I imagine from looking at it today.

  13. So I think I can figure out who Gorro is, but who is Gorro’s brother??

  14. Ha@ @Herandar, I originally accidentally posted pages 1&3 rather than 1&2. Gorro’s brother appears on page 3, which will go up on Thursday. I have removed him from the tags on this strip. 🙂

  15. yay! Since Don announced it, I was waiting for this collaboration. Good start!

  16. It looks a bit like Jim Woodring’s Unifactor. Maybe Frank will save them from the Yontengu?

  17. @Christopher, glad to hear about the strip being in B&W. I know you’re not doing the artwork, but I feel that B&W is an under-rated/under-utilized art form. That and the fact that I think trying to color that last panel would have made it both far too busy and something that would have driven the colorist mad with confusion and hand pain after a couple of weeks.

  18. @Muzhik, I have a great love for B&W too, and am even considering it for my next project (heck, i consider it for EVERY project).

  19. Love the story concept so far and the art work. The look of it vaguely reminds me of “Spirited Away”.

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