Yontengu, my second update of the new strip illustrated by Don Ahé and written by me.

For those of you who were up early on Tuesday (or late on Monday), you may have seen this page as I’d accidentally posted it rather than page 2. So, if you HAVE read this, you might want to go see what you missed on Tuesday.

I have been distracted. This is not like me. What a bummer! I will try to be less distracted tomorrow.

10/16/14 Prologue 02

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  1. I’m strongly reminded of Riotfish.

  2. New format doesn’t seem to want to play nice with my mobile browser… Only showing in full size.

  3. @Herandar, should work now!

  4. Thanks, Herandar. Let me know if it’s still acting weird. A comment here will do the trick, or I put my e-mail in the footer for technical problems of an ongoing nature. 🙂

  5. It works for me now 🙂

  6. An interesting dilemma at this point and no humans in sight. Excellent! Nice artwork.

  7. Well, no shotguns, then. Let´s settle to harpoons.

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