A good week so far! Um. Is it still Monday? I’m so behind already. Not sure what to blog. Today was madness. A nice conversation with a friend at mid-day talking about life. Morning of writing. Off to eat cookies. No complaints. but still…. madness.

10/21/14 Prologue 03

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  1. haha! I like the irony in the dialogues.

  2. Thanks for coming by Karlos, I always enjoyed your comments at Road apples, Christopher is great at dialogue, I agree!

  3. What is this?

  4. @Dan, Tuesday and Thursday I’ll be running this comic “Yontengu” illustrated by Don Ahé and written by myself. “One Way” will continue running M-W-F. 🙂

  5. One thing I am noticing about the new design is that if I decrease the browser width to 760 pixels or so, the comic is scaled down (but the sidebar is not), resulting is a very tiny comic. If I reduce the width the less than 760 pixels, the sidebar disappears and the comic gets large again. If I make the window even smaller, the comic gets smaller again.

    I’m not sure I like this behavior. Usually I prefer to see the comic at full size; but this is only possible with a super wide window of 1200 pixels or so fitting all of the comic and sidebar at once.

  6. @Quasar, ugh! That’s because we enabled “responsiveness” so people could read it on mobile devices. Ideally, we’ll turn off responsiveness and get mobile devices to be able to zoom in. Thanks for saying! I hadn’t noticed that. :-/

  7. @Christopher
    Awesome, thanks!
    Have I missed the first two prologues?

  8. Yes! You can read them all here: http://baldwinpage.com/category/yontengu/

    although, you read from the bottom post up (but the bottom post has several pages which are read from top to bottom). I know. I know. We’re working on redesigning. It’l be good with time. 🙂

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