Had writer’s group last night (Thursday), and it reminded me how much I want to dive back into writing. I have only one more “Girl Genius” to draw (the strips I’ve been drawing run through the end of next week over at Girl Genius). I have been loving LOVING LOVING drawing it, but it takes a LOT of time to draw each page, and so all my side projects have been on hold for the last couple months.

So yeah, there are two novels and a graphic novel I’m “working” on writing. Plus the “Little Dee” script (although it’s currently with my editor as I await feedback). Of course it’s always more than that. I’ve been itching to do some oil paintings. I can barely contain it. But the prep work is slow.

I can say this about winter: it’s fecking cold and grey and slushy and miserable and you just don’t want to leave you house which is exacerbated when you don’t actually HAVE to leave your house because you work at home, BUT you get a whole lot of work done.

Oh, and I just finished reading a small hand-bound book of short stories. Somewhat real? somewhat magical-realism? Lots of beautiful imagery. It’s called “Small Fierce Things” by LJ Moore. It has lovely little illustrations throughout, and is touching and curious and strange. It’s even hand-sewn using fishing net that she found washed up on the beaches of Svalbard (yes, the North Pole!) (which is how I heard of her, through my friendCedra who went on the same trip up north). There’s a sample story from the book you can read here, and you can purchase it here.

02/21/14 Everything Is Fine

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