It got in the 60s today! Oh dear goodness did I need spring.

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04/11/14 Only Perseverance

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  1. What’s with the wierd head angles?

  2. What’s with the weird spelling?

  3. Coincidence. Ah huh. There might be a Doctor Smith aboard. There may be other coincidences in store for the crew. If one of the crew is a saboteur, hopefully it’s not Vagus, or they won’t have the Vagus’ idea how to undo his surprises.

    You never now when a Vagus pun will strike.

  4. Are we sure they are actually moving maybe they are just stuck in the Matrix and this is all a hallucination of their coma induced minds just to keep them entertained and busy. Like a disappointing book i read background for the mystery was nanomachine immortality, excuses for exclusion of the middle class poor etc.. bioterror and utopia or that Twilight Zone episode with Eric McCormack from Will and Grace

  5. Logarithms? log2(1024) = 10! I think you mean algorithms.

    Although logarithms may be part of an algorithm, I don’t think he’d use a lot of logarithmic equations to solve linguistic problems.

  6. Next episode: Gordon hits the Ballmer Peak and cracks the translation wide open, but has to sober up before he can talk coherently enough to explain it.

  7. I suddenly feel like this entire thing is a futuristic reality-tv show where the participants don’t know that it’s all fake. And that both saddens and intrigues me in disturbingly proportionate ways.

  8. Of course they had to delete all the translation software. How else would there be enough room in the system to store all of Gordon’s old games?

  9. Coincidence? I think NOT! If it was Vagus he is long gone now. If it was someone else then they might still have a problem. Question : who would want to sabotage relations? Two, why would they want to do it? Maybe others are on the way and they want to be there first and ready to go.

  10. “Hello? Is this 1-800-humanburgers? You do deliver, yes? Not too far from Andromeda. How long? Well so long as it’s fresh that’s perfect.”

  11. Ooh, this is starting to remind me of Destination: Void (Frank Herbert). Hmm. Is it wrong to want to peek into the comic creator’s mind…?

  12. I’m sure he did it for the good of the crew, after all, how would they claim their one beer if the food synth isn’t working?

  13. > a futuristic reality-tv show where the participants don’t know that it’s all fake.
    Really? In the future reality show participants won’t know that it’s fake?

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