Had a nice weekend. Read some of my poetry at a poetry reading at a friend’s house on Saturday. Saw some classical piano on Sunday. Enjoyed the warm spring sun.

Still trying to figure out why the heck my wordpress theme is not picking up on permalinks. The “next” and “previous” links only work from the home page, but they go along a different route than the actual archive pages (which are listed on the left). I added the BIG double-arrow navigators to the outside of the page, which work from the actual archive pages, so you can use those. The slowness is that I’m having to ask various people for help (it is beyond my knowledge) and although the people helping are absolute saints, it takes time to respond etc. But, hopefully up soon! (if curious, watch the exciting discussion here)

04/14/14 What’s Up

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  1. “And someone do something about these damn space roaches!” STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! STOMP!

    “…Can the synthesizer do roaches?”
    “Yeah, but Vagus was the only one who knew the formula and…”
    “Don’t say it.”
    “…what’s ‘happening’ in Vagus stays in–” STOMP!
    “I told him not to say it.”

  2. My favorite “poetry reading” story is from the series finale of “Angel”: Spike goes to a bar where it looks like he’s going to brawl; turns out it’s a poetry slam. We see Spike recite the last lines of this poem that he’s been reciting since his character was first introduced in “Buffy” (which EVERYBODY, including his mother, has scorned), and the bar gives him a standing ovation!

    Hope your reading went as well!

  3. Now I watch HYDRA um, I mean SHIELD. One last one for the end of the first season.

    I am curious why we can see stars out the windows. Are those just projected images or the real thing. Since the closer you get to the SOL, the stars would cluster at the blue and red ends wouldn’t they? Just SOL curious.

  4. Why dont we see some of your own poetry on the web now and then?
    If you dont find it to be best in written form, give us a Vid.

    I´d love it – or did I miss ist somewhere?

  5. @Night-Gaunt, I have no good answer! 😉

    @Wellwellwell, ah, I post a lot of personal stuff online, but I’m not ready to put my poetry to the world quite yet. 🙂

  6. Heh – didn’t expect an Ender’s Game reference.

  7. I had followed Spacetrawler and now this crew and I’m enjoying it so far…but…they are all going to die individually and painfully, aren’t they? I just see it happening and I can’t see any other outcome for them all. My only question is who will be the last one before the end?

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