Phew! I finally resolved the navigation issue. Yay! You should be able to find your way around now. 🙂

I missed studio drawing this week because I finally completely mapped out the next chapter in one of the novels I’m writing, and pounded the entire thing out. Fun! But I did do a little bit more work on my oil painting. It’s coming along.


04/16/14 In Olivia’s Opinion

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  1. Hair is not following gravity. Olivia might be an alien using a hologram to fool everyone including herself! That, or the artist will make a correction… or a comment.

  2. A gravity issue means an acceleration issue. The ship is going faster. We might have a Speed situation.

    I hope Vagus’ body isn’t mangled up in something. What Vagus happens in, Vagus stays in.

  3. CthulhuEarring, why would her hair follow gravity if there is no gravity?

  4. Look closely. Her head is on the armrest of her chair, and her hair is caught between head and armrest.

  5. @Edgar has the right of it, or…. at least how I was imaging it (honestly).

    Ha! BBBUUUTTTTTT….. I forgot that her chair doesn’t HAVE armrests. Hrm. I guess I’ll fix that. 🙂

  6. @Coyoty, it does if you can’t remember her name in the morning.

  7. Her head: fixed! 🙂

  8. Okay let’s pick nits 🙂 , acceleration is not the same as gravity. Feels the same though.

  9. Mega awesome! Now you would be the best webcomic maker on earth if the women had more realistic boob shapes, this is not a request to oversizing them. Currently it is the single wide fused uniboob look…

    …it throws down suspension of disbelief. Also in the absence of proper-boob-shape, my brain registers most of your human female characters temporarily as male-with-a-deformity for one second on each and every panel. That has been rather distracting from the joke, the plot, and the other goodies of this otherwise EXCELLENT work!

    Pretty much the level of suspension of disbelief loss you would get with 15-seconds-to-draw decor. I do love the decor…

    Put perhaps, it is also just me.

  10. @Kuggur, Ha! Indeed. But saying “we have a simulated gravity issue” is too much of a mouthful, and the “simulated” would probably be implied in language at this future date.

  11. Now why would there be selected gravity variances? This isn’t Terra so since it would be artificial, because of the balance of forces we were told about in the beginning means something dangerous. It has something to do with their propulsion through space doesn’t it?

  12. Giant office building being propelled Upward through space like an elevator to simulate gravity

  13. What a rock-solid hairspray Olivia has, LOL

  14. Artificial gravity created and regulated by the “Higgs bubble”. 01/17/14.

  15. “They don’t even have real artificial gravity?” Said by a minor character to Mr. Spock in one of the many Star Trek novels.

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