It’s been a while, but I’ve had hangovers in my days. I can’t imagine this tacked onto it.

Been a busy couple of days. Lots of writing. Getting ready for travel. A friend from Seattle is going to be an hour north of here, and then going to visit family for the weekend. Looking forward to it.

We managed to capture a local stray today (big-paw Roger), and took him to the vet. Snip! Snip! 3-to-4 million cats & dogs euthanized every year, so if you want a pet, adopt! And in the meantime “catch & release” / neuter & spay your local strays!

Annnnd spring is back in motion. It was high seventies on Monday and then snowed tuesday night. But it has melted, so sanity can again be pretended.

04/18/14 Heavy Limbs

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  1. It’s just sinking in now for me what you were going for with the big eyes. They work really well in this page!

  2. Wait, I thought a semblance of gravity here was maintained by a constant 9.8 m/s acceleration? So an increase in perceived gravity would be due to the ship speeding up or something?

    I might need to go back and re-read the higgs drive explanation again.

  3. 01/17/14, I believe.

  4. This may be why the trip is One Way. The over-acceleration and correction will leave not enough fuel to go back home.

  5. It’s because even with the massive computing power available, there is still a lot of manual calculating involved in space travel, if only to double-check what the computer is telling you.

    So here they are, drunk, and probably setting the bottles down on keyboards and mousepads, messing up their n-space calculus derivations (and their personal integrations, wink, wink), and hitting the accelerator instead of the brake. (Which is the excuse the woman who t-boned me used. And she wasn’t even drunk.)

    So the lesson here is clear: don’t drink and derive.

  6. “…if only to double-check what the computer is telling you.”

    The big ball of green rubber bands? 😉

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