So, I renewed my YMCA membership this week. A little more expensive than last year, but racquetball is the only physical activity I’ve found that I seem to enjoy (and thus actually do). But it feels good, I’ve been going in a bunch. In fact, I just dusted off the bicycle, and will be zipping over to the YMCA on that rather than driving there. Yay!

Had another gaming night at my friend Charlotte’s, where I got to play Sheepshead again. I do love a good strategy game, and that has JUST enough to be both strategic but social.

Started a new painting this weekend. One of my two siblings and myself. It’s my first painting where I’ve tried painting on a dark background, and I have to admit, I think I really love doing that. Here’s what I got so far. šŸ™‚


04/28/14 Two Things Left

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  1. “Anything going on?”
    “The propulsion system was having Higg-ups, Orion. Go back to sleep.”

  2. I’m guessing Orion was some scientist’s attempt to turn a cat into a human. She sleeps a lot, eats, and does nothing useful. All we need is to catch her grooming herself with her tongue.

  3. @Kelvin Zero: I’m fairly sure the Captain handles that for her.

  4. I just looked up sheepshead and just want to note: What the fuck did you Americans do to my beautiful bavarian “Schafkopf”. It’s awful. Awful, I tell you.

  5. Nobody does fictional sciencebabble better than this! You should probably repost the link to how the Higgs drive works any time you have a strip that’s heavy on the faux science. Meanwhile… I’m puzzled by Orion. Shouldn’t she wake up and jump on the job? I’m starting to buy that cat theory.

  6. Like the new painting. Before I read the description I thought you were pushing your comfort zone by doing chalk on blackboard. It also reminded me of one of my daughters’ favorite alphabet books years and years ago. (We used to read it together after spending the day dodging dinosaurs and hiding out from the terrodac… pterrydak… pterodikt… those flying bird-lizard thingies.) The authors had done the entire work in “Sgraffito” — something I had never seen before or since, and which I had to spend about 20 minutes online thinking of search terms before I stumbled across the correct name. Those of us less artistically inclined can find a definition and an example at this page — http://www.art-is-fun.com/specific-art-vocabulary-for-oil-pastel-techniques.html — about half-way down the page.

  7. Dear Christopher, I am a fan from Spain, I do not speak English, sorry.

    I enjoy your Little Dee, Bruno, and also Spacetrawler, although I have some trouble understanding the text (the dictionary helps, but …).

    Could you fix your page of One Way of Monday, April 21 (“Feed Scouring”)?

    It does not look good, the lines and colors are not set.

    Thre pages of Spacetrawler are not finished yet, you can do it, please?

    Thanks for giving us your wonderful talent.


  8. @redinzane, Hahahaha! šŸ™‚

    @Muzhik, Thanks! And yeah, I’ve done a good number of scratch drawings in my day, which is similar to sgraffito, but this is a lot different. Once it’s done you will not (easily) be be able to tell it was painted on a dark background, but it just makes some certain ways of looking at it while doing it easier (and fills in the cracks better)

    @Alejandro. The 3 Spacetrawler pages are on my “to do” list. And regarding the One Way strip “Feed Scouring,” the ship is vibrating, and so the colors/lines look that way on purpose.

  9. I do so love techno speak, especially if it is cutting edge near real type like this.

  10. Thanks @Nomi and @Night_Guant, I’m lucky to have Fred feeding me such good stuff! he’s the brilliant mind behind the science, and I’m loving that he’s helped out on this one. šŸ™‚

  11. Sheesh. I have to stop reading comics on my phone. Didn’t even see the wobble effect in that earlier strip…

  12. What is the dark background that you’re using? Is it velvet?

  13. @SeanK., just canvas with black paint over the gesso. šŸ™‚

  14. Thanks, Christopher. I’m very silly, I did not understand the effect!

  15. I really like the painting, even with just one figure – love her smile!

    I had never realized sgraffito could be done in painting, I’ve done it in ceramics – the painting looks even more fun!

  16. your sister must be double jointed. I thought only my elbows bent that way.

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