Hello Wednesday!

Sorry, ioio, still no Spacetrawler colored. But it’s on my mind! 😉

Oh, hey! I finally bought a plane ticket. It’s official, I’ll be at Convergence Science-Fiction/Fantasy Convention in Minneapolis for 4th of July weekend. Come! It’s way fun! And find me in the dealer’s room.

Convergence Sci-Fi Con
July 3-6, Bloomington, MN

A lot of Kickstarters going on. Must be in the air. Jorge Cham of PHD has one up for a sequel to the PHD movie based on his comic (you can even watch the first movie while you think about it). Zach Weiner of SMBC is writing/funding a children’s book “Augie and the Green Knight” illustrated by the amazing Boulet. Danielle Corsetto of Girls With Slingshots is doing a KS fundraiser for a US tour, get her lovely swag!

Me? I’m just up to the usual. Another marathon day of laying out the Little Dee graphic novel today. 17 pages. Seems one could lay out more in a day, but I guess I’m thumb nailing them and such as well. Anyhow, loving it, it’s coming out GREAT, and I’m super excited.

06/04/14 Turnaround Complete

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  1. I guess they’re going to have to activate the Otto Pilot light.

  2. @Coyoty, Curse You! I’ve come up with all sorts of replies to your “Otto Pilot” pun, AND NONE OF THEM ARE SUITABLE FOR WORK!

    ( grumble, … grumble, … … And another thing … )

  3. They just otto find another way… oh, never mind.

  4. “Six MORE hours later…” Ye cats. I just figured out that the flywheel must weigh about two pounds.

  5. Very delicate that maneuvering. Any micronic slip ups and when they engage the Far Drive they end up off course by hundreds of parsecs. Something they don’t feel can be automated.

  6. So, uh, while they’re turning the ship around and the Far Drive is off, what are they using for gravity?

  7. Ummm, Mr. Baldwin, sir,…
    would I be out of line to note that as they are decelerating, a certain body – which isn’t decelerating – will either pass by or >collide< with them?

  8. @Silly_Quibble, answered in the comments on this page.

    @Far, do you mean Vagus? If so, no, he would have burned up in the higgs bubble or thrusters. 🙂

  9. Christopher: “he would have burned up in the higgs bubble or thrusters.”
    Ah. OK.

  10. I had thought that Vagus was destroyed when he hit the Higgs field balancing the Tet Space virtual acceleration with the Aleph-Space distortion intersections.

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