So, I finally finished and colored the three unfinished Spacetrawler strips. Wow. That was some block. It totally makes sense too. Spacetrawler was a LOT of work, and doing it for four years totally wiped me out (thought was COMPLETELY worth it), and so when I was done and walked away it was a huge struggle to get myself to walk back to it. Anyhow. I’m glad they’re done. Yay! read them starting HERE (or, the first, second, and third).

Had a Nice Thursday. LARAC (an arts organization in town) had a free show of The Adirondack Shakespeare Company performing “the Blackest Sins: Shakespeare’s Villains,” which was loads of fun, good theatrical patter in-between REALLY well chosen scenes from various plays. Loved it.

06/06/14 Olivia Tells The Captain

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  1. How about the woman who’s been sleeping with him and without him a lot? She must have plenty of energy from all that rest.

  2. Thanks for finishing Spacetrawler. It was a really wonderful story beginning to end.

  3. Frame 8. T-shirt, anyone?

  4. anonymous coward

    I don’t know that many captains who would want to wear a shirt with that on it. It’s probably something that a broad fraction of all captains could use though.

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