Had a nice weekend. Played some racquetball? Came up with ideas for a new project. Oh, two new projects. Met some great folk on Friday at the Adirondack Theater Festival, where I’ll be one of the artists who will be drawing during dress rehearsal for shows. Sweetie and I went and saw “Cold in July” but really disliked it (it got largely good reviews, so we must have missed something). Lot’s of walking and petting cats.

Worked a little bit on the self portrait. Mostly just the green curtain. It’s plodding along, along with the other half dozen projects I’m juggling.


06/09/14 Another Clue

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  1. Sometimes a good review doesn’t mean a great movie–at least not to everyone. “There Will Be Blood” got rave reviews, but my friends and I hated it. De gustibus.

  2. Francisco should remember what Olivia said about telling the wrong person. He may have just got screwed.

  3. Coyoty: rimshot.wav

  4. MaximumCarnage

    Well, I was going to say that I’m beginning to suspect Orion could be the spy. It would make some degree of sense… she’s managed to end up close to the captain, and her habit of ‘sleeping’ all the time would make a useful excuse to be out of the way to do something sneaky.

  5. Poor captain. He need to start making use of the ship’s brig. Or a whip. Their in space..insubordination doesn’t cut it.

  6. *They’re..that’s what happens when I type when I first wake up.

  7. @Coyoty, well, he didn’t really say anything, nor who told him.
    @JSawyer, Hahahaha! Indeed. If only it were a military vessel. Or if he could afford to lose ALL of them to the brig. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. I’m throwing my two bits behind Gordon being the spy.

    What, why? Pretty simple. Every one of the main characters has had some obvious crushing personal flaw that’s been revealed, more or less. Most of them are not the kind of flaws that ruin a person’s career/life, but they’re generally not going to win you any friends.

    Gordon’s flaw? I suspect gambling. Specifically gambling debts. (unless I completely missed his personal flaw revelation) — that’s the kind of thing that can turn someone into a good disposable spy. Remember- he’s the one who discovered the record of the ‘alien’ call missing. Maybe because he just deleted it?

  9. Wow, is that a California King-sized bed? For space travel? What luxury!

  10. That ship does not have a brig. Wasn’t designed to. So from the beginning something hasn’t been right about this mission. I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes back to the alien contact.

  11. @Night-Gaunt, there doesn’t NEED to be a brig. This is a ship where the captain can tell you “GO TO YOUR ROOM AND STAY THERE UNTIL I SAY YOU CAN COME OUT” and can make it stick. He’s locked the door. There’s NO WAY she’s going to be able to sneak out the bedroom window onto the roof of the garage, and Mom isn’t going to let her out early either.

    So all she can do is sit at her desk and finish her homework. Hopefully she’s got some comics stashed under her mattress so she doesn’t get too bored.

  12. @michael indeed, and 2 people using it this way is screwing with regulations (at least when the captain is involved) so why did they build it this way ;-)?

  13. I know this seems very irregular, but remember that although there is a line of command, this is NOT a military ship. Plus, “the fleet” picked this crew of misfits. Plus, in the future once they build and dock ships IN SPACE, it won’t matter how big things are. Oh, and as @Muzhik said, bedrooms can be locked and thus be brigs. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I just hope they have individual toilets.

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