Had a lovely Monday night with friends, chit-chatting, exchanging stories, drinking iced tea. And then Tuesday (after a rousing bout of racquetball, and a morning of work) I picked up our first CSA box! I’ve wanted to join a CSA for years, and finally it worked out for my sweetie and I with logistics, finances etc. Yumminess.

This week my brain is already abuzz with everything I’m working on (about 8 projects, plus oils paintings). Am SO excited by ALL of these projects, I can barely tell you! BUZZZZZ!

06/11/14 Entering Easy Street

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  1. CSA boxes are okay, but they’re a bit pricey around here. Cheaper for us to go straight to the Amish farms or the farmer’s market on the town square on Saturdays. Amish goods are excellent and the ladies are only too happy to chat and trade recipes. They seem amazed by a man who cooks, bakes and preserves. I love Amish friendship bread. Also, they take the basic recipe for the friendship bread and make it into cinnamon twists with icing. I always buy a bag of those although I shouldn’t. Beats bakery cinnamon twists all to heck.

  2. Easy until you get to the aliens after losing your translation files. What were they all supposed to do when they got there anyway?

  3. Become the main course at dinner?

  4. Hey. Beats being the side dish your Aunt Martha always brings and nobody eats.

  5. I don’t really see a problem here.

  6. As a non-native speaker and somebody who has seen too much possible translations on LEO – what ist “necking” supposed to mean in this context? Smochies?

    Other than that: “One Way” is really growing on me!
    Although I still prefer the expressivity of your artwork in Spacetrawler, the well-constructed layout and design of the in-ship-spaces and your use of colouring for the mood of panels is impressive. You have done planning like heck on this one, didnt you?
    And the story is really beginning to creep me out.

    Well done, I am becoming impatient for updates again.

    And as always – I am indebted and grateful for your free gift of great art and story, provided without strings an in lovable quality every other day.

  7. Necking is when during kissing, you kiss their neck. So you were pretty close to it @wellwellwell!

  8. No, “necking” is a general term for “making out” or “snogging.” However, my kids informed me about 5 years ago that no one says “necking” any more.

  9. Necking also can lead to ‘Kanoodling’. I say it’s time to bring BACK Necking!

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