The plot THICKENS! (like soup!)

Wednesday my sweetie decided to move her office up two floors, and so we were up into the wee hours of the night moving heavy stuff. Thursday had to get up early. I am a tired, sore, a mess.

Our kitty, Verdi, is not well, infections and coughing, hacking… stuff that’s been going on for years. Finally took him (the “early morning” thing I just mentioned) to the vet for a full look-over (not that we haven’t done this before), and hoping to find answers. Always sad. It’s like a baby, in that you can’t explain “we’re poking and prodding you for your own good.” But at least we finally found an e-collar to keep him from chewing his tummy (did you know that stands for “Elizabethan collar,” which makes it feel more classy than a “plastic head guard.”

NASA, you are way cool. (and notice the ship warp drive design-and-ring, and how it kinda’ looks like our fair ship in One Way)


06/13/14 The Language Code

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  1. Panel 4: “we’re” should be “were”

  2. Okay… The aliens received broadcasts about auto-erotic asphyxiation and think that would be a welcome reception… That would explain why aliens are reluctant to contact Earth. “You mean they… They want… Eww.”

  3. Based on our broadcasts, aliens probably think humans will try to hump them and pick their pockets at every opportunity. They may be right.

  4. I noticed the way Lamont looks in the last two panels. I’m kinda wondering if a contingency plan is about to be activated.

  5. Christopher, I have read at least one article that says if a cat continuously has digestive issues and throws up often, that means there is an underlying gut disorder. Sometimes a big change in food will fix a lot of that. If you’d like, respond here and I can send you some links to a great website for natural cat care information and also a vet’s designed “raw”food diet for improved health. I hope your kitty is soon on the mend!

  6. Sounds like your kitty inspired this other webcomic today: http://twolumps.net/d/20140613.html

  7. @Nemo, doh! Fixed. 🙂

    Thank you, @Karyl! But we’ve done diet changes, seen vets, done the works. (plus, throwing up oddly isn’t one of the issues). This is a new vet for us, and we’ve already solved some things, so we’re keeping our paws crossed! 🙂

  8. @Coyoty, re: the humping and picking: I doubt very much that they’re worried about us doing those things. They probably don’t even HAVE pockets.

  9. Not many people have the tech expertise to erase the first translation, eh? Are you hiding your non-surprise at the new translation, Lamont??

  10. Since they are alien both in biology, morphology, psychology and history what looks like self injury could really be okay for them. Plenty of human cultures in the past and even now have that from piercings to branding to skin sculpting to in the future skin grafts, rDNA injections and other things you or others have thought of.

    I just hope that Terra sent much more information on Humankind before they left.

  11. “It’s a cookbook! A COOKBOOK!”

  12. Wow so “nova” is a swear word then. What that shell? Oh scrap!

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