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As I mentioned, I drew during the local play production (the tech/dress rehearsal) of “Fully Committed” starring Sam Lloyd (from “Scrubs”) through ATF (Adirondack Theater Festival). The pictures are hanging in the lobby for the duration of the show. It’s a fun program called “TOONing In” and here are some of the pics I did. If you’re local come in for any of the four shows! 🙂


06/25/14 Next In Command

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  1. Is there a way to get follow-up comments by email without having to post a comment?

  2. Panel 3 should be “how *things should be done”.

  3. Sorry, @Coyoty, not that i can see. :-/
    @Private_Nickel, thanks! Fixed!

  4. I had forgotten the title of this series is “ONEWAY” which can’t be more explanatory than that.

    Well we get to see how Angie does as Captain.

  5. Let’s rotate the Captain duties, maybe a week at a time, sorta like helm watch, or cleaning-the-head duty. That way it won’t drive anyone batty (battier than we all already are) and the tiny scope of what the Captain can _actually_ do won’t be too boring. It’ll be over in a week (if we don’t get blasted during that watch).

    Say! Should we start a pool on whose watch gets First Contact?

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