Hope everyone had a great weekend. Everything was fine here. I went in and did some drawings during a local play production (the dress rehearsal) of “Fully Committed” starring Sam Lloyd (from “Scrubs”), pictures which will hang in the lobby during the run of the show. It’s a fun program called “TOONing In” (which kinda happened because I saw it done in portland and passed that kernel along). I haven’t scanned them in or anything, but I will soon and share some then.

My sweetie and I FINALLY got to Massachusetts for the first time this year, just barely enough time to do a whirlwind visit of my dad and then my mom. Funny how weekends can be so exhausting!

06/23/14 Taking Charge

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  1. Well, I vote for meeting the aliens. It’s the more interesting way to die.

  2. He starts turning into a ghost as he goes up the stairs (like yesterday). Is this a portent?

  3. Special kind of x-ray glass, Chris explained it two strips ago 😛

  4. I hope, for captain’s sake, that there won’t be any shenanigans on that ship when the new captain takes order.

  5. I think the glass’s material has the light that passes through it burnt in holographically instead of 2-dimensionally like in faded paper or flat screens. So the burnt-in holographic image makes it look like anything passing behind it is transparent.

  6. I really love the (former) captain’s response to the situation. Unlike so many sci-fi tropes this is actually a reasonable thing to do for this character 🙂

  7. I wonder if Chris is a Joe Haldeman fan. It would seriously explain a lot.

  8. I could have sworn I’d read “The Forever War” but in reading the synopsis, it isn’t sounding familiar. Hrm.

  9. Chris, his Marsbound trilogy, especially Starbound, was what I was thinking. They are off to meet the aliens, hopefully a survivable experience, and the journey is getting to them. The Forever War is cool but slightly-dated by VietNam, but it has influenced every military SF book since.

  10. Nice! I’ll check it out. 🙂

  11. A decent guy put into a bottomless hole scenario position by others he trusted. So far a very low emotional downer for the story. I expect it to go up some soon.

    I hope the aliens are really alien.

  12. Being a captain with the cabin? Harsh.

  13. I agree with Idan. This is probably my favorite strip so far. I love it when people know their own limitations.

  14. So who is betting the rest of the crew will kill each other off in an effort to prove who is most commanding?

  15. Hahahahah! I wonder which one of them wouldn’t chew off their own arm to NOT be captain. 🙂

  16. Yeah I’m expecting drawing straws to choose Acting Captain.

  17. And the short straw goes to…
    NO! You said the new captain was whomever drew the long straw!

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