I love the concept of jetpacks, but I know I’m clumsy enough that I’d break my head the first time I tried one. BUT, by the time we’ve invented a jetpack, smart cars that drive themselves will be par for the course and jetpacks will KEEP you from breaking your head. That’s the basis for the physics of this strip and WHY Olivia didn’t break her head.

08/01/14 Jetpack

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  1. Actually, he’s down for it.

    Forget getting the aliens hooked on an unexpected substance. They’ll get hooked on Jewelfallout.

  2. One problem with jetpacks is how to decelerate fast. I think you’d have to flip around, just like the spaceship.

  3. They have gravity in the station, so while retro fires would work to decelerate, they would incinerate whoever they are pointing at
    (or freeze them, depending on the propellent).

    As long as I get to wear, not be the fool standing nearby, it’s a good deal!

    (Parachute would help slow down, but you’d have to pack a lot of them!)


  5. @Peder. No. Different universe.

  6. I don’t recall that ever stopped him…

  7. I’m more of an Angryskyrim person myself.

  8. There’s still the advanced tech needed to keep you from burning your arse off.

  9. @M.A. Ooh, that would be a cool plot-twist, find that these humans evolved on the other side of the Drak Sim.

  10. That would be easy TB…keep yer dan pants pulled up.

  11. Need total vectored thrust control for that pack.

  12. I would like to know how she steers it? I see no directional jets or fins etc.

  13. @Night-Guant, like a Segway?

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