Monday is Monday is Monday. And frankly, I wouldn’t mind having Monday a dozen times this week, I might be able to get on top of things.

Cool news about the new Cannae Space Drive. IF the experiments are correct, currently it can only move about two eyelashes, but still, breaking Newton’s 3rd law of conservation of momentum would be HUGE. Neat stuff. Curious if it’ll test out in the end (good to keep some skepticism on this one, even if it IS super exciting).

Sunday we went to the Hudson River Music Hall to see a viola/piano performance. it was lovely (there was this Bach piece which was so moving).

08/04/14 Task for Orion

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  1. And keep it away from his feet. It would really be bad for morale if he kicks the bucket before everyone else.

  2. Can I get a link to the first issue?

  3. http ://baldwinpage.com/010814-light- the-far-drive

  4. Um. What @Seymour said. Oy. I am scattered today. 🙂

  5. I just hope all of these new thrusters pan out and work. It would be nice if we could do away with those brutal force chemical thrusters that are being used since at least 1929.

    So Christopher, no drugs to keep them sane on the ship?

  6. @Coyoty: I wish we were all so clever that you could have just stopped after ‘feet.’ Nice.

  7. Whomever sent tnis tin can full of people on a one=way trip to the unknown must have never given a thought to their mental health. No amusements to speak of, no drugs to get high on, no movies, books, TV shows, cartoons, porn, nothing. They certainly did n’t think their duties would keep them occupied. There’s the turnaround maneuver and that’s it. Or maybe, as the former captain said, they just wanted to rid themselves of some pain in the ass astronauts.

  8. Sent on a multi-billion (or trillion) dollar starship.

  9. OOO! OOO! IknowIknowIknowIknow!

    It’s the old “A circle has no end” trope! They THINK they’re going to the other side of the galaxy, but instead it’s some twisty-turny-spacewarp thingy! And when they get there, they’ll find themselves back on Earth! And the aliens the scientists thought they were talking to turn out to be us! And the scientists were talking to themselves all along! And… And… And the reason they’r on this trip is because the scientists couldn’t think of any way to convince people to fund this trip that was just going to wind up back here!


  10. @Night-Gaunt, I assume by “… those brutal force chemical thrusters that are being used since at least 1929”, you’re ignoring the rockets that were used by the British during the Revolutionary War (“the rocket’s red glare” is not just hyperbole), or the chemical thrusters used by the Chinese since the Empire was young?

    Ah, yes. The Saturn V as a glorified Chinese firework. Talk about goin’ old skool…

  11. I know I was leaving out centuries of history. Just with liquid fuels rocketry of the Modern Age.

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