My sweetie’s mom was up for the weekend. A day of driving, movies, food, and general conversation. but now I need a weekend to relax. 😉

Saw the new Woody Allen “Magic In The Moonlight,” which was a silly romance. I enjoy his films a lot, even the silly ones.

Oh, and I started a new painting. Just blocked it out, but I love “process” pictures, so I’m going to share it.


08/18/14 – All Here

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  1. Next panel, EVERYONE else is dead, and Star says, “Well,I didn’t kill any ONE else.”

    Earth, knowing the real translation of the alien broadcast, didn’t send a diplomatic party. They sent a weapon.

  2. Hehehe. Nice, Coyoty.

  3. If they wanted to send a weapon, it would be river tam…

  4. Not kill? So torture and maiming is fine…

  5. So when the aliens show up, the crew just stuffs star into the torpedo bay and fires her at them. Problem solved, big party, everyone can go home, end of story.

    Damn those diplomatic vessels and their lack of torpedo bays, it could have been so easy.

  6. @Herandar, you wrote that wrong. You said “Hehehe. Nice, Coyoty.” when it should be “Hehehe. Nice Coyoty. N-iiii-ice Coyoty. C’mere”

    Ohhh, isn’t that nice. Coyoty is smiling at me.

  7. @ Muzhik: I do hope that you are offering Coyoty cookies at least, maybe a thick juicy steak with much marbling?

    However, I’m wondering what the rest of the crew’s hidden “talents” are. Is the replicator pre-programmed to add “stuff” to their beer right at the end & turn them all into the cast of Little Dee?

  8. David D. Davidson

    So, Comic 100 was letting Star out. I guess we should expect Vagus coming back to life for Comic 200?

  9. It would be ironic if it was Vagus who had altered the meds. And even though he is dead he may have some surprises left around. Of course there is no certainty on that or that he was the enemy agent. Just something to add to that paranoia stew. (It adds spice to th growing deadly ennui of waiting for destruction.

  10. Why send a crew if it was a weapon?

  11. I was joke-implying that Star is the weapon, as a psychotic killer. But seriously, the mission could be a Trojan horse, whether the crew is meant to make a deadly missile look like an innocent flying condo, or are themselves drug-induced berserkers.

  12. I’m smiling at Muzhik because I’m anticipating cookies and steak. If I’m disappointed, I won’t be smiling.

  13. @ David D. Davidson: What happens to Vagus…um…I haven’t the vaguest…

  14. @Coyoty, I was just going to remind Frith Ra to put his Little Dee on. Remember how Dee handled the wolf who was going to be merciless because she trespassed onto his territory? A few milk bones later, and the wolf is going “Yum. OK, you can pass this time, but next time I’ll be merciless. Merciless!”

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