After two years of giving in to the fact that our shower is either burning hot or freezing cold, today I actually found that i could make it be merely “cool.” All of a sudden I feel like I got a diplomatic immunity card in the country called life.

Another oil painting. I went to studio-model thing again on Monday. This one is 11×14. As before, due to requests of not showing nudity on the main page, the “NSFW” version can be found here. (along with “see-the-process” images)



09/03/14 Language Work

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  1. “You know how we said the aliens said they were going to kill us all? Turns out it was a figure of speech meaning we were going to party to death…”

  2. Alternately, work out enough words to plead that they were set up by their stupid government and please don’t kill us.

  3. I see a chance for a nuanced and clearer translation that could change their mission parameters.

  4. Just a random thought, based on way too much classic sci-fi.
    Maybe it’s all a test.

    Those that avoid the rendezvous too cowardly to really be out there among the stars. Keep an eye on them and… something. I don’t know, steer them away from danger, start training them to be more ‘useful’, or maybe lock them up in their own star system.

    Those that come to the rendezvous with weapons blazing are just too bloody aggressive, and will be a problem if left unchecked. Cue the big guns and tame those rabid puppies.

    Of course, those that go to the rendezvous in friendship, curiosity, and/or diplomacy may be what they’re looking for and will be welcomed, even if surreptitiously.

    Obviously I have no idea what’s going on, but a straight forward response in the plot is possible, and the usual plot twist, as well as an unexpected one could be in the works.
    I guess we just have to keep reading. 🙂

  5. Or maybe the message is: If you contact us, we will make you extinct. This is an IQ test.

  6. What was the problem with the shower? Those single dial things are supposed to start all cold and slowly add hot as you turn them, with the full on position still mixing in some cold.

    I prefer the olde dual knob faucets instead of the “safety nazi” single knob ones. There can’t be a 100% safe world, no matter how many things government pushes to attempt to protect people from themselves.

    That just serves to prevent people from learning that there’s dangerous stuff out there, how to recognize it and to not stick any body part they want to keep into the works.

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