Rainy day Labor Day weekend. We were going to have a little trip away, but part of it got rained out and the other part cancelled. Went to play racquetball, but apparently the courts are closed all weeks for refinishing. Sigh.

But life is good, and the cats are cute, and it’s raining but we’re dry inside.

09/01/14 A Good Time

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  1. And, once more we see that Olivia has no internal censors.

  2. They were already playing something they called “jewelfallout”.

  3. actually, I think, in their game the jewels go _in_

  4. Olivia sounds autistic even more now, LOL

    lowest jewelfallout score of Olivia: 4. From a previous lowest of 2184…

  5. Olivia doesn’t seem to have the concept of personal space and privacy down yet.

  6. I guess that she secretly wanted to watch

  7. And once again Olivia manages to make me laugh out loud. Thank you.

  8. What she really wants is some live-action Yaoi…

  9. Wow, facebook must have become extremely powerful in the future.

  10. “Secretly”?

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