I painted another oil painting. I went to studio-model thing again on Monday. This one is 8×10. As before, due to requests of not showing nudity on the main page, the “NSFW” version can be found here. (along with “see-the-process” images)


09/10/14 New Hobby

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  1. They may already know your novels aren’t very good. Has anyone thought to check for hidden cameras and secret signals back to Earth with headers for “Big Brother in Space”?

  2. Well he has a writer’s beard.

  3. That’s the way to do it, Francisco!

  4. I expect those black marks on guy’s breasts too…just to be safe for the Dominionists.

    A good way to kill time if you aren’t going to kill yourself prematurely. Works out better that way.

  5. I like his attitude. F*ck the critics.

  6. That smile, that beard, and that hand gesture…
    Suddenly Dimitri Sokolov lives in this world

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